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This is the drawing that I gave to Little Kuriboh at Kami-Con. I had to purchase a notepad at the hotel gift shop and sketch it out in one night, but it was super worth it! I gave him the physical copy but kept a photo of it so I could color it digitally. Pretty proud of how it came out, considering I haven’t drawn Marik since I was probably 15??

Anyway LK was very gracious about receiving it and even asked me to autograph it (cuz i’m a big dummy and forgot to sign it) X3 He is such a sweet and genuine man and I’m super happy I finally got to meet him after all these years of silently cheering him on from behind my computer monitor.

Aaaaaaahhhh your art is astounding! Thanks again for signing the picture, and congrats again on the costume designs! They were awesome!

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